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Napa Valley

Restaurant Napa Valley

Opened in 2001, “Napa” is a restaurant where young and old, the guests and the locals like to meet.

We have the best burgers in town

Napa Valley combines traditional and modern, bringing many other popular dishes to Altenmarkt in addition to the popular burgers and wraps. So true to the motto “small but nice” is served and cooked up here: homemade pizza and many own creations are just as much on the program as the traditional Wiener Schnitzel.

Opening hours

The restaurant is closed during the summer. We will reopen our doors at the beginning of the upcoming winter season 2023/24.

You can find our menu here! We are happy that you’re coming!

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Pizza_Restaurant Napa Valley

When the burger became socially acceptable

Not so long ago, a burger was known as “fast food” and a no-go for a cozy, atmospheric evening at a restaurant in Altenmarkt with friends. Now, the burger is considered a quick, yet good meal, practically stylish and even sustainable.

Napa Valley has been a resturant with American flair since it opened in 2001. What fits better than a variety of burger creations, large and more or less unhealthy, small and even the popular vegetarian ones.

Chef and owner of the Napa Valley Restaurant in Altenmarkt Barni knows the preferences of his guests and has tried out the variety of burgers and adapted them to the wishes of his customers. There are new burger creations every week. Some the full racer, the others disappear again from the menu.

Regionality and awareness

Hard to believe, but you can also make a burger regionally and sustainably. And that’s exactly what Napa Valley has been aiming for more and more in recent years. That’s why the burger patties are homemade. Depending on the burger, the meat comes from local highland beef or organic cattle. The burger buns from the regional baker. The “vegetable patties” of the veggie burger are just as homemade. Every ingredient passes through Barni’s fingers, or at least through his control.

Small but fine

The demands on the catering trade have grown more and more in recent years, especially here in Austria. It has become particularly difficult to find staff to assist in the kitchen and service, as well as cleaning or preparations. For this reason, Napa Valley has also become what it is today: small but nice! A restaurant where the boss personally still has everything under control.

Thank you for your visit

We say thank you for your understanding when there is no more room for you and hope for honesty and openness towards our service. We depend on you to tell us your opinion honestly. Only in this way we can strive and always improve and develop.

Barni with team!